Christian Louboutin Lynch Shoes Decor

Christian Louboutin Lynch Shoes Decor


This ballerina with its surreal dimensions is the result of a collaboration between film maker and photographer David Lynch and designer Christian Louboutin. Unveiled to the public in 2007, this shoe represents a flamboyant way of telling other stories, and raising the question of fetishism and sexuality because more than the height of the heel, it is really the arch of the foot that is the object of fantasy. Here, the height of the heel makes it impossible to wear the shoe, thus rendering it an object without use so that its artistic value transforms it into an objet d'art or sculpture.

The ballerina is delivered attached to the wooden base and protected under the glass bell. The object is placed in a thick cardboard box with a metal opening system.


Dimensions of the glass bell and its base 29.5 cm
Black wooden base

This edition of the Lynch Shoes is now out of stock and all models are sold out. However, you can contact us if you are interested in this model:
A new model is available! You will find the Ballerina Ultima on our website (see below).

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